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Hypnosis Treatment in the South of England and Worldwide via Video Call

We use modern hypnotherapy to rapidly improve your life.  If you want to stop smoking, lose weight, conquer a fear or phobia, or improve your performance in business or sports, we can help.

Clockwise Hypnotherapy 

It's Time to Change

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COVID Update

We offer hypnotherapy sessions via video call so that you can remain in the comfort of your own home.  All you need is a computer or mobile device, a laptop is ideal, capable of video calling and a comfy chair, preferably with an armrest, and let us do the rest. Our services are available worldwide.

***New to hypnosis and want to discover the benefits of a calm relaxed mind?***

Try our "Mind Vacation" it's a fun introduction to hypnotherapy.

We offer a special group session via zoom call.  We limit numbers to 10 people to retain that personal touch.

Treatment Services

Stop Smoking 

Weight Control

Fear of Flying



These are a small selection of treatments available.  For more information about our treatment services please click below.

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Performance Enhancement

We constantly strive to find innovative ways to apply modern hypnotherapy techniques and apply the knowledge from our professional flying careers to help others use these techniques to achieve their ambitions and goals.  

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Introduction Video


"I have been afraid of cats and dogs since childhood and before my hypnotherapy session I believed nothing could help me.  However, I must say that I am amazed by the impact of hypnotherapy.  After just one session I am now more relaxed around cats and dogs which has made my life so much easier. To be honest I went into the hypnotherapy session not thinking much of it.  Now however I do recommend hypnotherapy to my friends and family.  It was obvious to me that Adrian knew exactly what he was doing during the session which made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  Overall I have had a pleasant and impactful experience and when it comes to hypnotherapy with Adrian I strongly recommend him."

 - Miss Y. B.   UK.  

"I cannot recommend Suzy from Clockwise Hypnotherapy enough.  From the first time we spoke she put me at ease, was warm and non-judgemental.  The hypnosis itself was wonderful, I was so relaxed and her soothing voice took me on a lovely journey.  I feel confident, no more anxiety and ready to take on the world."

- Miss G. H.  UK.

"For many years, in fact decades, I have struggled with my sleep; specifically, an inability to fall asleep. This was even when I was really tired - all due to an over active mind, typically agonising over both decisions already taken and decisions to be made.  Before children, it wasn’t so much a problem as a few lie ins on the weekend would help get me back on track and top up my sleep bank - but since children that hasn’t been an option. I was really struggling but desperately wanted to avoid going down the medication route, my wife had had success with hypnotherapy many years ago in overcoming a fear of heights and suggested it on numerous occasions but being an analytical and scientific person, I was sceptical about its efficacy on me. Recently, by chance, I met Adrian and he told me what Suzy and he did, Adrian was so pleasant and reassuring to talk to that I thought it was worth giving it a try.  I have never been more pleased to say that my initial doubts were completely unfounded; the hypnotherapy session itself was super relaxing and surprisingly very enjoyable! I am also delighted to say that since my session with Adrian, I am finding it really easy to fall asleep - so much so that my wife has commented that in the 20 years she’s known me she’s never seen me fall asleep so quickly and consistently.  I am not really remembering anything other than turning the lights out, putting my head on the pillow, employing the technique Adrian has taught me and then waking up feeling recharged and rejuvenated. I feel like a new man and I can wholeheartedly recommend hypnotherapy with Adrian."

- Mr. W. B.   UK.

"Adrian and Suzy definitely helped me, effectively and honestly in two sessions.  I was constantly reassured and everything was handled with the utmost discretion.  These people changed my life in the period of a month.  Hand on heart I genuinely feel Adrian and Suzy are very adaptable for all situations."

- Mr. B. C.  France

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