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Hypnotherapy can be used to enhance your performance in business, sports or any hobby which requires focus and concentration.  From our extensive flying careers we understand the importance of staying calm, level-headed and in control.  Whether it's flying airliners across the Atlantic, flying aerobatics in an air display or achieving goals under immense time pressure we have to stay focused.  Losing concentration is simply not an option.

Bike Handles

We constantly strive to find innovative ways to apply modern hypnotherapy and utilise the knowledge from our professional flying careers to help others use these techniques to achieve their ambitions and goals.  

Violin Workshop

We can help you to achieve what you want to achieve by streamlining your thinking and enabling you to stay on matter what.  Whether it's leading a team through a complex business task or extracting every last ounce of physical effort to achieve your sporting dream we can help you achieve your goal.  We offer a tailor-made package selected from proven techniques chosen to suit your personal needs.

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