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Fear Of Flying    Phobias    Public Speaking

We help you live the life you want to live.  We use modern hypnotherapy to achieve rapid change to help free you of any anxiety, habits, phobias or fears which are holding you back.  

How Rapid?

Sometimes one session is enough! Most clients achieve dramatic results after the first session.  A second session can be useful to enhance the changes already made.  Plan on three sessions maximum.

Mind Vacation

New to hypnosis and want to discover the benefits of a calm relaxed mind?

Hypnosis is a very calming and relaxing experience.  During hypnosis all of the thoughts that race through your mind slowly begin to relax and stop.  Can you remember the last time that happened? The stress of modern daily life can make that difficult.  Let hypnosis enable you to enjoy that experience once more.  Book your session and give your mind that holiday experience.

Image by George Bakos

We offer a special group session via zoom call.  We limit numbers to 10 people to retain that personal touch.


Stop Smoking

For Good!

Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking according to the New Scientist. Treatment is rapid, effective and long lasting. It can often take just one session to be free from a smoking habit, leaving you free to enjoy the health benefits, more money and better quality of life.  If you are ready to give up contact us now. 

*** We now offer Group Stop Smoking sessions ***

This highly effective treatment is the same as the individual 2 hour sessions but at a much reduced cost.  We limit the number to 10 people to retain that personal touch. 

Fear Of Flying

Flying should not be feared, it should be fun.  Don't let fear of flying hold you back anymore.  You can conquer that fear for good.  Having both worked in the aviation industry for many years we understand from experience that flying can cause huge anxiety for many.  We can help you overcome that fear and learn to enjoy flying using hypnotherapy.  It's time to enjoy air travel, it's time to change.

Image by Luke Porter
Snack Food

Weight Control

Hypnosis gives you back control of your eating behaviour. It is a long lasting effective way to change your relationship with food.  Let's be clear, this is not a diet, this is a change in mind set. Hypnosis allows you to achieve the body you want by reframing your thoughts. You will regain control, enjoy making healthier choices and savour what you eat. Nothing is off the menu - you decide what to eat, and embrace a healthier, happier you.

Fear of Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy can help you speak in front of a crowd with confidence and enthusiasm. Whether it is a work presentation, a speech at a wedding or even just meeting new friends, hypnotherapy can give you the skills to overcome any feelings of fear or panic and become a self-assured and compelling speaker.  

Audience Clapping

Anxiety Phobias Fear

Image by Brett Jordan

Hypnosis can help you live your life free from anxiety, phobias and fears.  It gives control back to you.  

During an attack of anxiety or a reaction to your phobia your mind is just doing a job - trying to protect you. It has perceived a threat to you and activated your 'fight or flight' mechanism to keep you safe. Problems arise when this automatic response takes over, preventing you from living the life you want to live. Hypnotherapy simply educates the mind to recognise when a perceived threat is actually safe, allowing you to live without unnecessary fear. 

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